je n'ai aucune action dans mon sang. (suitsandsmoke) wrote in fashion_sex_usa,
je n'ai aucune action dans mon sang.


1. Lindee, 18, foco, colorado
2. because it defines your personality
3. half my clothing was bought in taiwan
4. nordstroms, urban outfitters, mint clothing,thrift shops
5. vintage dresses
6. faux fur boots
7. panic! at the disco, paramore, the faint, brand new, a static lullaby, anberlin
8. anythin by chuck palanuik

i'm on the left
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but you forgot the lj cut and i didn't realize it until i viewed it now. and was there a third picture? i thought it was just that my computer was being slow. it's been a while since we've seen any apps so i'm a little out of practice.
nope. say no
and WOW it has been so long since anyone has given apps. haha