Brittni (bloodinyourvein) wrote in fashion_sex_usa,

I'm going to Warped Tour on Saturday. For those of you who dont know, its an all day outdoor concert. I checked the weather and its supposed to be 95 degrees here, ahhhh! I wanted to wear a jean miniskirt...but I DONT want to wear sandals because I know my feet will get stepped on a lot and that would be painful. Would it look really stupid if I wore my blue sketchers with a skirt??
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yes. never wear runners with a skirt. ever.
Of course not! Shoes with skirts are hot. Do you have any Converse? I find low top Converse work best with skirts.

Ha, I wore my mini jeans skirt to Warped Tour in 2004.

This year was horrible. Don't over do it on the eye make up because everyone else there does! You'll look hot and stand out.
*tennis shoes...not shoes, ha