Lady Jayne Bravo Cortes Andre Derome (whisper_to_me56) wrote in fashion_sex_usa,
Lady Jayne Bravo Cortes Andre Derome

1. name, age, location:
Name: Melissa Curtis
Age: 14
Location: Australia

2. why you love fashion. Its fun, I like to see the latest trends and follow them. Its just a part of being a girl.

3. what makes your fashion unique? Everyone has their own style, everyone is differnt. Thus, every desighner is unique.

4. favorite clothing stores: Supre, anything with a bit of class. I also make some of my clothes my self.

5. favorite clothing item: My hat (see pictures)

6. what you can't live without: -Some- makeup, not too much.

7. favorite bands: I love Xtina's new look, I also luurve her music. Jazz and rock.

8. favorite books: The world of Null-A

9. pictures of you and your style behind an ljcut:





enjoy <3

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