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Tuesday's tickets... [19 Sep 2006|10:33am]

Hello everyone,

A quick note to let you know that TODAY - TUESDAY 9/19 - is the last
day to purchase advance tickets for the Buckle Ball online. Any
tickets purchased this week, will be available at "Will Call" in the
VIP line at the door for quick access.

JUST ADDED: At 9:30 pm on Saturday, we are showing the U.S. debut of a gorgeous short film by Dominic and Francis Vincent, two amazing film & music brothers from Montreal, Quebec. This will be a real treat for anyone who sees it.

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4 weeks to Buckle Ball ! [27 Aug 2006|08:13am]

To all our friends and devotees of erotica...just 4 weeks to the 1st annual Buckle Ball to celebrate the 1st year of Buckle Magazine. It's going to be great fun! This year's ball will be held in Atlanta, Georgia USA. A fabulous weekend is in the making and we are honoured to have YOU be a part of it!Read more...Collapse )
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Buckle Ball - September [08 Apr 2006|01:51pm]

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your thoughts on high heels, stilettos, fetish shoes and boots? [19 Feb 2006|09:07pm]

your thoughts on high heels, stilettos, fetish shoes and boots?

would you like to share your thoughts on what your shoes, heel, or boot fetish means to you? we are putting together a running list of thoughts, feelings, expressions (all anonymous) on the topic for the next issue of Buckle magazine (www.bucklemagazine.com)...the article will accompany a spread of artwork by the tsubasa (www.katmekat.com/tsubasa)...if you would like to participate, post your entry here, or send it via email to: gjjb05@gmail.com ~ thx
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Strap it on - again! [19 Jan 2006|01:42am]


Issue 1 Release Party!
DV8 at The Jungle Club Atlanta
Friday, January 20

"Strap it on - again!"

This Friday (Jan.20), BUCKLE MAGAZINE will bring its pervy pages to DV8,
a new Friday club night at the Jungle (formerly the Chamber) off Cheshire Bridge Rd. (Atlanta)

Buckle Magazine is a brand spanking new quarterly erotic publication
that features the best and brightest - and emerging - talents in
erotic fashion, art, and photography. Check out images and designs
by Girl Armour, Steve Diet Goedde, Tyson McAdoo, Genesha, and lots more!

Club opens at 10:30pm, with djs Jennocide and Omac. Admission is $7 before midnight, $10 after.

See you there!

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application [04 Dec 2005|11:22pm]
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Buckle magazine is looking for (more than) a few good contributors... [18 Nov 2005|06:53pm]

hiya ~ I hope you will enjoy our latest magazine project ~ and please, if you know kinky artists, designers, writers, poets, photographers, models, etc. who might like to contribute to Buckle magazine, please put them in touch with me ~ love, G

Release Media LLC is proud to announce the launch of Buckle Magazine
with the official release of bucklemagazine.com.

Buckle Magazine explores the new face of erotica through
design and art, fashion and personality, words and interpretations.
Buckle will take you where you haven't been before,
and leave you begging or, at the very least, lusting for more.

Strap it on.
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[21 Jul 2005|02:04am]

I'm going to Warped Tour on Saturday. For those of you who dont know, its an all day outdoor concert. I checked the weather and its supposed to be 95 degrees here, ahhhh! I wanted to wear a jean miniskirt...but I DONT want to wear sandals because I know my feet will get stepped on a lot and that would be painful. Would it look really stupid if I wore my blue sketchers with a skirt??
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stamped [04 Apr 2005|09:21pm]

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party pics [29 Mar 2005|05:17pm]

havent posted in sooo long, but heres some party pixs

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le app [18 Feb 2005|04:24pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

1. Ayesha, 16,
San Diego

2. I love fashion because I like trying new things and trends & all. I think it’s a big part of who I am [what I wear].
3. I take the stupidest things and turn them into a flashy accessory.
4. nordstrom’s, express, a&f, hco, buffalo ex-, wish.. .and other trendy stores.
5. belts.
6. pearls
7. Ryan Adams [solo], Bright Eyes, The Killers, U2, underoath.. pretty much a wide variety.
8. catcher in the rye, American star, the notebook.

Fashion Example PicsCollapse )

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[06 Feb 2005|04:24pm]

[ mood | :) ]

1. name: Alicia, 17, Australia
2. Its an expression of the individual's persona. Its fun to experiment with and fashion is all around us
3. Its sassy, fun and even quirky at the best of times.
4. Urban store, opshops, tree of life.
5. the dress i bought from tree of life and altered
6. what you can't live without: mascara, music
7. favorite bands: John Butler Trio, Ash Grunwald, Saritah, iOTA
8. favorite books: Dave Pelzer triology
9. find me hereCollapse )

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[18 Jan 2005|02:23pm]

i don't know if this has been posted before but for those obsessed with fashion, this site is an addiction:


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stamped // promo loves [06 Jan 2005|04:21pm]

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[05 Jan 2005|11:49pm]


1. name, age, location:
Name: Melissa Curtis
Age: 14
Location: Australia

2. why you love fashion. Its fun, I like to see the latest trends and follow them. Its just a part of being a girl.

3. what makes your fashion unique? Everyone has their own style, everyone is differnt. Thus, every desighner is unique.

4. favorite clothing stores: Supre, anything with a bit of class. I also make some of my clothes my self.

5. favorite clothing item: My hat (see pictures)

6. what you can't live without: -Some- makeup, not too much.

7. favorite bands: I love Xtina's new look, I also luurve her music. Jazz and rock.

8. favorite books: The world of Null-A

9. pictures of you and your style behind an ljcut:


ooh la la - a la me~Collapse )

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HOT green sequin espadrille flats up for auction... [29 Dec 2004|09:20am]

I bought a pair of AWESOME green sequin espadrille flats from Shop Intuition, and, unfortunately, they are too narrow for me. I would normally go and return them, but, I'd rather NEVER do business with Shop Intuition again (long story). Anywho, they are up for auction on ebay, and I must say, they are super cute! They are "magic marker green", and size 8 womens. I have a stock picture on the auction page, but, I also can show you a digital picture I took of them as well if you are hesitant.

They are brand new, in box, never been worn. Excellent condition.

Happy bidding!

see them here!
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[27 Dec 2004|12:52am]

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[18 Dec 2004|06:35pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

1. Trudylee, 18, Kunkletown PA
2. I love the spot light (but I'm not a drama queen) and fashion allows me to be noticed even more
3. Quirky, and self-made. Most of my clothing is made by me, either with a pattern (usually altered slightly) or by my own design.
4. American Eagle, H&M, Ross's, Banana Republic
5. My Levi blue jeans from freshman year, I still fit into them! (I was a bit of a truck back then)
6. Music and dance
7. Deftones, Blink 182, Vanessa Carlton, Howie Day, Alkaline Trio and Velvet Revolver
8. Speak, Catch-22, A Midsummer's night dream, Granny Dan, Prozac Nation
9. picturesCollapse )

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promo loves // stamped [13 Dec 2004|08:52pm]

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[11 Dec 2004|12:04pm]

Oh my...Collapse )
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